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Cheap Hosting When you host with us your website will experience, Virtually no down time due to server overload All servers are monitored 24/7. Best support in the industry, no one else can even come close to our support system. And a 15 day money back guarantee, you cant go wrong

Reliable and Fast Servers

Servers monitored 24 hours a day

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We have staff standing by 24/7 to make sure that all servers are running at optimum performance. All servers are in a controlled enviroment in the most sophisticated data centers around. Fiber optics are run throughout the whole data canter

So if one server goes down for any reasons at all there is someone on site ready to fix what ever the problem may be. In addition to the automated reboot system that all servers of ours have, there is no real need to have staff standing by. However our staff is there to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
In the event that our servers go down our staff is on site so the problem gets resolved quicker. How you ask? Because we have staff on site, so you do not have to wait for someone to drive to the facility where the server is. Simply we eliminate this by hireing staff to monitor or data centers 24/7. You just leave the technical stuff to us.

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24/7 Ticketing System
Access to 24/7 ticketing system. This system is faster than email service and able to keep all your submited tickets all in one convienent area. Click here for a sample of our client area. Sample Client Area

Money Back Guarantee
15 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services you can cancel your account at any time, and without and cancelation fees. Click here for our plans

cPanel Web based Administration
The best control panel on the market. Cpanel is a web based control panel for updating and editing your web site(s)Comment